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WhiteBridge Report
How it works

Find Relevant Information In Minutes

Multiple Search Engines In One

We combine, analyse and extract relevant data from multiple search engines at once so you won't have to.

Real-Time Validation

Get unmatched quality of information using real-time public information source analysis with help of AI.

Transparency First

Explore and analyze all collected data sources. Find origin of information and verify research content.

Background Analysis

Ensure you are trusting the right people online. Get insights on persons education, career growth and more.

100+ of Public Data API's In One

WhiteBridge is connecting different public data providers to enrich the research with valuable information.


Tokens% SupplyTGE MarketcapVesting
Angel Round50,000,0005.00%20.00%20% at TGE month, 6 months cliff, 18 months vesting
Private Round50,000,0005.00%20.00%20% at TGE month, 3 months cliff, 12 months vesting
Community Round50,000,0005.00%20.00%20% at TGE month, 1 month cliff, 6  months vesting
Liquidity200,000,00020.00%10.00%10% at TGE month, 24 months vesting
Team & Advisors200,000,00020.00%0% at TGE, 12 month cliff, 36 months vesting
Development & Marketing200,000,00020.00%0% at TGE month, 36 months vesting
DAO Long-Term Treasury Fund*250,000,00025.00%0% at TGE month, 36 months  vesting
1,000,000,000100%1.2M 5% Total supply

* Long-Term Treasury Fund can not be spent or sold. It can be used for methods like Staking to share rewards and benefits from the project to support sustainable long term growth of the project after they are vested.

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